Friday, May 14, 2010

Enjoy Summer with a Pak-O-Bird Carrier!

Take your bird out on adventures this summer with the Pak-O-Bird Carrier! This heavy duty carrier is available in mutiple sizes, colors, and designs; and features Stainless Steel Mesh screening to keep your bird from chewing her way out while still enabling her to see out and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of summer! What a perfect way for you and your bird to enjoy the fun of summer together with festivals, bike rides, rollerblading, hiking, walking, camping, and more!

Pak-o-Birds are the most innovative light-weight carriers for travel with pet birds in comfort and safety. They come in three standard sizes and many custom designs. For leisure walking, as a mobile home for short stay in friend's house or hotels, Pak-o-Birds make it all possible. They can be carried as a front pouch, backpack, shoulder bag or in a stroller for one or more birds. Let's include your feathery friends in the next trip! These carriers are serious strength and versatility- The included dragonwood perch provides natural contour so her feet won't get sore, and the slightly smaller diameter of the perch allows to your bird easy grippage as you trek through uneven terrain.

The two included Stainless Steel coop cups are easily removed by you, but unremovable for her- and provide you with easy refills of food and water throughout the day. The roll-down privacy drapes offer your bird a cozy, secure retreat for the night while you continue to enjoy your day by experiencing nightlife. While you watch the fireworks or laser light show, your bird will be achieving a restful sleep, unbothered, in her private, dark carrier.

The plastic floor piece is easily removed while you're bird is still using the carrier for quick cleaning, on the go. Simply slide out the floor panel piece, wipe it clean, replace & you're ready to go!

In addition to all the other great features of this Pak-O-Bird Carrier, the backpack straps are triple layer cotton-poly mixture to provide you and your back with unparalleled comfort, all day long!
You won't even know you have a bird on your back, the way these carriers sit on the comfortable, cushioned straps!The Pak-O-Bird Carriers are second to none in quality and functionality- If you're looking for a backpack bird carrier, look no further! These truly heavy duty carriers will offer you and your feathered companion a lifetime of use!

Entertainment and Chewing Issue: Hang a bird toy or two to the D-rings on the support panels can keep the bird busy and away from chewing the carrier. To keep the toys from swinging widely and hitting the bird when the carrier is in motion , tie a string to the toy and thread the string to two small rings perpendicular to the large D-rings. For the big chewers, add the optional wide panel set that covers the zipper and seam of the front window mesh. These panels can be unsnapped and replaced very easily.

Food and Water: Each Pak-o-Bird comes with a dragon wood perch and two 5 oz. stainless steel cups for food and water. A large grommet is on one side for inserting the dispensing valve or tube of a water bottle strapped on to the outside.

Safety and Comfort Features: All zippers have an auto-lock device that stops the zipper from sliding without lifting the puller and prevents accidental escape. Two loops or sleeves in the back allow the carrier to be strapped to the seatbelt in the back seat or around the front passenger seat by a separate strap. Two reflective strips on the front of the carrier make the carrier visible at night. All metal fasteners used in the interior are made with no lead and zinc. The back of the carrier as well as the front/back straps are padded for your comfort.

Cleaning and Storage: With the semi-rigid support panels and bars detached, the carrier can be unzipped and open up flat for a complete cleaning and easy storage. For regular cleaning, unattach the small corner flaps and unzip the side to remove the floor panel. The carrier can be water-hosed inside out.

Maintenance: Various reinforcements have been added to the carrier's structure to prevent the plastic inserts from warping over time. To maintain the carrier's shape, when not in use, please unzip the entire carrier, detach the support panels and store it in a flat configuration. Creases created on the stainless steel mesh are not reversible, please handle the mesh with care.

Awards: Pak-o-Birds was granted a patent and won two important awards in 2008: The Editor's Choice by Pet Products News International and Best In Show in the bird category at the 2008 Global Pet Expo by American Pet Products Association and more!

Damages: A lot of parrot owners are concerned with damages related to their birds chewing the Pak-O-Bird Carriers. The manufacturer of these carriers is highly innovative and has created these carriers to be as damage-proof as they possibly can be. The mesh of these carriers is made of stainless steel, and most of the interior is lined in plastic braces, which not only stiffen the carriers for added protection from sides caving in, but also cleverly hide the seams and stiching from your bird's beak. If you have an extremely inquisitive chewer, you don't need to miss out on the benefits of these Pak-O-Birds, as you can purchase an additional brace that hides the only remaining area to be chewed from your bird's beak.

Plus, should you make the investment in a Pak-O-Bird only for your bird to destroy a part of it; the manufacturer will repair damages for a small fee, making your carrier like new again!