Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spooktacular Collection

The festivities of Halloween decorating are in full-swing, and Sparx our resident Quaker Parrot is surely enjoying her own brand of decoration - Cage Decorating! Yes, with our exclusive Spooktacular Collection, parronts and their feathered counterparts can now enjoy decorating their bird's cage for this spooky season with our full line of Halloween bird toys!

With great new toys like "Boo! Balls," "Craze Cage," "Birdie Brew," and "Trick-Or-Tweet" for them to forage with and destroy, you can keep your bird's mind occupied while you're busy enjoying all that this fun Holiday has to offer. And to accommodate the shorter days and longer nights, let them wind down in a "Haunted Hut" or on a "Bewitched Branch."

Sparx has been busily tearing the black and orange crinkle paper out of her Halloween toys, and loving every minute of it. It's times like these she's grateful to be the Head of our Product Development team!

Be sure to check out the great new toys, today!

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