Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get Your FREE Autographed Good Bird Inc. DVD!

All through the month of March, your purchase of any Good Bird Inc. merchandise qualifies you to receive a FREE copy of a Good Bird Inc. DVD, signed by Barbara Heidenreich, herself!

Qualifying merchandise:
Good Bird! Book
Understanding Parrot Body Languge DVD
Parrot Behavior & Training HD DVD
Training Your Parrot for the Veterinary Exam DVD
Get Your Bird Back! DVD


"I watched Barbara Heidenreich's Understanding Parrot Body Language DVD to help gain a better understanding of how my rescued Molluccan Cockatoo was feeling. My Cockatoo was biting me and everyone who tried to approach her, including the bird behaviorist that we enlisted to help us out. I just couldn't understand it, I had tried everything and read every book I could find to no avail. But this DVD helped me understand the reasons behind the reactions, so that I could avoid putting my bird in situations where she felt threatened enough to bite us. What's more, we learned that she was masking her defensive postures after years and years of humans having ignored her distress cues! After the success we had with this DVD, we're going to go ahead and buy all the rest of Barbara's DVD's in the collection!"
- Tracy G. from Peoria, IL

"I absolutely loved the information in Barbara Heidenreich's Good Bird! book. I hope that what I've learned will help deter any behavioral problems we might encounter in the future. I'll definitely keep this book handy, just in case!!" - Sierra M. from Corpus Christi, AZ.

"I can't thank you enough for the super fast shipping on the Get Your Bird Back DVD. When Rio flew away, I felt so hopeless and I didn't know where to go from there. I feel I would never have seen Rio again if it weren't for this DVD! It's too bad that I had to wait until my bird had flown off before seeing it. The information was invaluable in finding poor Rio, and I bet I would've found him days earlier, had I of seen this DVD!!" - Mike N. from Vacaville, CA.

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